Life Hack No. 1

I apologize for the absence and delay of my posts… I had the unfortunate event of spilling water on my laptop. Or more accurately… my darling fiancé spilling orange juice (with pulp) on my beloved Macbook Air. Anyhow, before I continue my other posts, I thought I’d share with you the two things that saved me from a severe panic over this incident, a.k.a., two ways to prevent maximum damage to your life and sanity in the event of a liquid spill.

No. 1 – Get a Keyboard Cover!

Seriously. I can’t tell you how proud I was of my past self for getting a keyboard cover (this is the one I had, but Amazon and Etsy has a ton of options at a wide range of prices). Most, if not all, laptop keyboards are welcoming entrances for dust, crumbs, liquid, whatever you call it. A silicone cover will keep your keys clean, and is easy to clean. When the glass of OJ spilled over my Macbook Air, the cover prevented the liquid (and the pulp) from entering the computer from the keyboard. Note that for Macs particularly, integral parts of the laptop lie directly beneath those keys (hard drive, battery plates)! I didn’t salvage my laptop because OJ with pulp is a terrible liquid to spill (yes there are better liquids for spillage… aqua, with wine being the worst). Some of it seeped through the bottom of my keyboard cover and damaged the logic key, but for the most part my laptop survived what would otherwise have been a more horrendous disaster. My hard drive also had no damage thanks to the cover.

No. 2 – Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

After my initial panic, I thought about all the documents I truly needed, not ones I wish I didn’t lose, but ones I really needed for school. It was a major relief to know that all the documents I really couldn’t afford to lose were stored on iCloud or Dropbox. I feel like these things are like insurance… you won’t realize their value until something happens and their purpose is realized. For Mac users, whatever you save onto your Desktop and Documents folder will automatically store on iCloud (if you enable the feature). Personally, I’ve used Dropbox for 5+ years and I can’t imagine life without it (especially after this). I have it installed on my Mac so that I can save directly into my Dropbox folder whenever I work on a document.

I am by no means a tech specialist. But from this experience, I can tell you that if there is liquid damage to your laptop, the first three things you need to do is (1) turn it off and disconnect from power, (2) clean off as much as you can, and (3) take it to a computer shop.

2017-02-24 10.15.09

I hope this never ever happens to you, but life likes to surprise us with a challenge every now and then. Some things you can’t prevent, most things you can’t predict, but there are things you can do to prepare! So get a keyboard cover and start using those Cloud services!







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